Why Join KINGDOM Empowered’s 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge?

The mission of RADICAL GENEROSITY is to transform lives and communities by inspiring individuals to embrace a lifestyle of selfless giving and abundant compassion. Through practicing RADICAL GENEROSITY, the movement seeks to reflect and share God's boundless love and generosity, creating a ripple effect of positive change that impacts individuals, families, societies, and the world as a whole.

The RADICAL GENEROSITY mission aims to restore and nurture a sense of community, address all community needs, and ultimately create a more compassionate, just, and loving world.


KINGDOM Empowered's RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge is built upon the FOUNDATION of Jesus Christ:

The Abundance of God: RADICAL GENEROSITY is founded on the belief that God is inherently generous and abundant. It's through His generous love that true transformation and positive change occur.

Trust in God's Goodness: The RADICAL GENEROSITY movement encourages participants to trust God's goodness, manifested through His generosity and love. This DEEP TRUST leads to a transformed perspective on all resources and life.

Kingdom Values: RADICAL GENEROSITY aligns with the values of the Kingdom of God – abundance, grace, mercy, and love. It's about living out these values on Earth, just as they are in Heaven.

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Restoration of Eden: The movement envisions a restoration of Eden, where God's generous love is the driving force. This restoration is embodied in Jesus Christ, who represents the absolute goodness of God.

Citizens of New Jerusalem: Followers of Christ are called to be citizens of the New Jerusalem, living out the principles of RADICAL GENEROSITY as a city on a hill that shines God's love to the world.Learn more

Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes, as described in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, serve as the foundational teachings of RADICAL GENEROSITY. These teachings encompass humility, compassion, mercy, and peace, leading to eternal life.

Transformation Through Grace: Grace is the transformative force that enables believers to live out RADICAL GENEROSITY. RADICAL GENEROSITY is a protective, delivering ally that empowers followers of Christ to serve others selflessly like Jesus did.

Imagers of Love: Followers of Jesus are seen as imagers of God's love, reflecting the radical generosity and abundant life that Christ embodies.

City of Love: Believers are portrayed in the Holy Scriptures as a city of love, shining forth God's love and goodness in a world that often struggles with scarcity and darkness.

Reigning and Ruling: Participants are called to be part of God's community of love, reigning and ruling on the Earth through grace, mercy, and love.

RADICAL GENEROSITY encompasses both individual transformation and the broader transformation of the Church, the Body of Christ, as we are guided by the principles and values Jesus exemplified in His teachings and actions and self-giving, self-sacrificing life. 


Joining the KINGDOM Empowered's RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge will yield three outcomes:

Transformed Lives: By embracing RADICAL GENEROSITY, Christians experience a profound shift in their perspectives, values, and behaviors. This transformative journey leads to a more selfless and compassionate way of living, mirroring God's abundant grace and love TO THE WORLD.

Global Impact: As Christians fulfill the pledge of their time, talents, and resources, the cumulative effect of their contributions will create a substantial positive impact on local communities, regions, and even worldwide. This collective effort will address pressing needs, promote positive change, and shine the light of God's love into countless lives.

Cultivated Community: Joining the RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge connects Christians with a diverse, like-minded community driven by the same mission. This supportive network fosters a sense of belonging, provides opportunities for collaboration, and inspires believers to continue their journeys of generosity and compassion beyond the challenge - BE GENEROUS FOREVER.

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Craig Rogers is a visionary leader and serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the behavioral health industry. His...