World's First Christ-centered Decentralized Autonomous Organization

KINGDOM Empowered is an extraordinary organization that stands as the world's first Christ-centered Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God on Earth. Located in St. George, Utah, KINGDOM Empowered embraces a mission of profound significance.

“God created man IN HIS OWN IMAGE, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them." Genesis 1:27

At its core, KINGDOM Empowered exists to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. It serves as a platform for Christian individuals, businesses, ministries, and causes to unite in a decentralized and community-driven ecosystem. This unique approach reflects the organization's commitment to empowering individuals and communities from the bottom up while leveraging the transformative potential of decentralized blockchain technology.

The organization's overarching goal is to decentralize data and give individuals ownership and control over their data. By doing so, KINGDOM Empowered enables individuals to harness the power of their time, talents, skills, professional services, properties, investments, and even fiat currency through tokenization. This means that individuals can contribute to worthy causes, startups, and Kingdom businesses while earning tokens and equity in return.

A key aspect of KINGDOM Empowered's vision is exponential equity growth within its ecosystem. As the organization thrives, the value of its native tokens and coins appreciates, leading to increased support and growth for existing initiatives and opportunities for future endeavors. This dynamic fosters a mutually beneficial environment where individuals can actively participate in the organization's success while advancing the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Furthermore, KINGDOM Empowered places a strong emphasis on community building. It encourages the active involvement of all supporters, offering tools and resources for individuals, companies, communities, and organizations to transform their ideas into reality. KINGDOM Empowered aims to create a network of like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God through cooperative entrepreneurship and mutually beneficial opportunities.


The sense of urgency to save and protect children is a critical aspect of the mission and vision of KINGDOM Empowered. The words of Jesus recorded in Matthew 18:3-7 emphasize the importance of childlike faith and the responsibility to care for and nurture children in the faith.

KINGDOM Empowered recognizes that children are precious in the sight of God and acknowledges their profound impact IN the Kingdom of Heaven. We understand the significance of creating an environment where children experience the love of God, grow in their faith, and develop a DEEP personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

By prioritizing children's spiritual well-being, KINGDOM Empowered aims to provide ALL CHILDREN and FAMILIES with a strong foundation in the Christian faith. We recognize that children have a unique capacity to believe and receive the message of salvation, and we seek to create opportunities for children to encounter the love and grace of God in meaningful and age-appropriate ways.

Furthermore, KINGDOM Empowered is committed to protecting children from any harm or stumbling blocks that may hinder their spiritual journey. We work with parents who strive to create a safe and nurturing environment where children flourish and grow in their understanding of God's love.

The urgency to save children stems from the understanding that early spiritual formation is crucial in shaping their worldview, values, and eternal destiny. KINGDOM Empowered seeks to empower parents, caregivers, and the community to actively participate in the spiritual upbringing of children, ensuring that they are surrounded by positive influences and provided with the necessary tools to navigate their faith journey.

Our urgency to save and nurture children is deeply embedded in the mission and vision of KINGDOM Empowered. We strive to create an environment where children develop a childlike faith, receive the love of God, and be protected from ALL stumbling blocks that are meant to harm or hinder their spiritual growth. By doing so, we aim to fulfill Jesus' teachings and create a generation of young believers who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven and ALWAYS impact the world with their faith.


KINGDOM Empowered is a Complete Ecosystem Enhanced by Synergy and Partnership

Within the KINGDOM Empowered ecosystem, subsidiary ventures further enhance their impact. KINGDOM Marketing, for instance, provides digital marketing solutions tailored to Christian businesses, ministries, and causes. By offering services such as website design, development, SEO, content production, and branding, Kingdom Marketing supports the growth and visibility of these entities within the KINGDOM Empowered community.

Additionally, KINGDOM Empowered operates KINGDOM Defi, a division focused on decentralized blockchain technology. Kingdom Defi seeks to decentralize data, placing ownership and control firmly in the hands of individuals. By championing data ownership, KINGDOM Empowered aims to serve the Kingdom of God and empower individuals in their journey toward KINGDOM determination and prosperity.

Lastly, KINGDOM Empowered is embarking on a significant campaign called BANK of GOODNESS. Through this initiative, the organization aims to support the development of Christ-centric technology that addresses pressing global issues.

This includes endeavors to end homelessness, addiction, and poverty and work towards achieving world peace and prosperity. By leveraging technology and fostering innovation, KINGDOM Empowered envisions a future where the principles of the Kingdom of God permeate all aspects of human life.

In conclusion, KINGDOM Empowered is an exceptional organization with a Christ-centered focus and a groundbreaking approach. It exists to advance the Kingdom of God on Earth by providing a decentralized platform for individuals, businesses, ministries and causes to come together, contribute, and thrive.

By embracing the transformative potential of blockchain technology, KINGDOM Empowered empowers individuals, fosters community, and supports the development of Christ-centric solutions for global challenges. Their mission is of immense importance, as it strives to bring about positive change and align human endeavors with the principles of the Kingdom of God.