Igniting a Christ-centered Revolution of RADICAL GENEROSITY

The KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding Platform ignites a Christ-centered revolution of RADICAL GENEROSITY and DECENTRALIZED Empowerment. Within this transformative space, individuals and organizations merge their strengths to forge lasting change, magnifying their collective influence and spreading the Gospel's profound message of love and compassion.

Rooted in unwavering Christian values, this platform transcends the ordinary, shaping a global movement poised to redefine community-driven initiatives and KINGDOM Empowerment. The CrowdFounding Platform embodies the essence of RADICAL GENEROSITY, Unity, Empowerment, and Innovation, principles foundational to the Christian faith.

Our mission is to construct an arena where Christian individuals and organizations can harmonize their energies, giving rise to impactful projects that harmonize with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Join us in this journey of empowerment, where our collective commitment fuels a world-changing wave of transformation. Be part of something greater – be part of the KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding Platform.

The three core value propositions of the KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding Platform Initiative are:

Radical Generosity Unleashed: At the heart of this initiative lies an unwavering commitment to RADICAL GENEROSITY. This platform provides a space where individuals and organizations can wholeheartedly give and receive, creating a flourishing cycle of abundant sharing and empowerment. This value proposition embodies the essence of Christ's teachings, fostering a culture of selflessness and compassion that drives impactful projects.

Unity in Diversity: The initiative celebrates the diversity within the global Christian community. It serves as a unifying force, bringing together believers from various walks of life and denominations. By uniting their strengths, knowledge, and resources, participants can collectively amplify their impact and catalyze projects that transcend boundaries, enriching lives and communities.

Empowerment through Collaboration: The platform empowers individuals and organizations to collaborate on projects aligned with their Christian values. Through decentralized empowerment, participants can take charge of their initiatives, leveraging cutting-edge technology to achieve their goals. This empowerment extends to project creation and governance, ensuring the community's voice guides the path forward.

The KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding Platform Initiative thrives on these core value propositions, fostering an environment where RADICAL GENEROSITY, Unity, and Empowerment converge to spark a revolution of positive change and Kingdom impact.

KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding Process

KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding operates on a revolutionary model that goes beyond traditional crowdfunding. It harnesses the power of Radical Generosity and decentralized technology to create a transformative environment for funding Christ-centered projects. Here's how it works:

Project Initiation: Individuals or organizations with innovative Christ-centered projects initiate campaigns on the CrowdFounding platform. These projects could range from community outreach initiatives and charitable endeavors to mission-driven startups and creative expressions of faith.

Angel Donor Involvement: Instead of conventional crowdfunding, where numerous small contributions are collected from the general public, KINGDOM Empowered focuses on Angel Donors. These are individuals or groups deeply committed to supporting impactful initiatives aligned with their faith. These Angel Donors contribute substantially, providing the initial capital required to launch or enhance projects.

Trust and Vision Alignment: The CrowdFounding platform fosters a unique bond between project initiators and Angel Donors. Angel Donors resonate with the vision, mission, and Christian values of the projects they choose to support, building a sense of trust and shared purpose.

Tokenized Impact: KINGDOM Empowered leverages blockchain technology to tokenize the value of Angel Donor contributions. This digital representation of the Angel Donors' investment fosters transparency and accountability.

Community Growth: As projects succeed and impact communities, the value of the tokens associated with these projects increases. This growth is driven by the genuine impact of the projects and the inherent appreciation in the value of the tokens.

Equity and Engagement: Unlike traditional crowdfunding, where backers receive tangible rewards or products, Angel Donors in KINGDOM Empowered's CrowdFounding model hold equity-like tokens representing their contribution's value. These tokens symbolize their commitment to spreading the Gospel and supporting Christ-centered initiatives.

Unique Mechanisms and Benefits

KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding is distinguished by several key features that set it apart from conventional crowdfunding:

Angel Donor Relationship: The platform facilitates a close relationship between Angel Donors and project initiators, fostering a shared passion for Christ-centered impact and a genuine desire to contribute to meaningful change.

Tokenized Appreciation: Through blockchain technology, the value of Angel Donor contributions is appreciated as projects succeed. This innovative mechanism reflects the Kingdom principle of sowing and reaping, enhancing the effectiveness of each donation.

Long-Term Impact: Traditional crowdfunding often ends after meeting a project's goal. In contrast, KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding's ongoing token value growth encourages sustained engagement, empowering projects to have lasting, transformative impacts.

Kingdom Values: The entire platform is rooted in Christian values of love, compassion, unity, and empowerment, ensuring that every project aligns with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding's unique blend of Radical Generosity, Angel Donor participation, and blockchain technology creates an environment where financial contributions become powerful vehicles for advancing Christ's message and transforming communities.

Igniting a Christ-centered Revolution Initiative of RADICAL GENEROSITY


The KINGDOM CrowdFounding Platform Initiative's needs include financial support, human resources through volunteers and skilled professionals, passionate brand ambassadors, and an innovative incentive system to foster a strong community and drive success across all twelve initiatives. This collective effort aims to create a substantial impact by establishing Christian-centered ventures and spreading the message of faith and transformation globally.

To achieve our ambitious goal, the KINGDOM CrowdFounding Platform CrowdFounding Initiative requires specific resources and contributions:

Funding: The primary need of this initiative is financial support. This KINGDOM Empowered Initiative has set a minimum fundraising goal of $25,000. These funds will be directed toward launching and sustaining the KINGDOM CrowdFounding Platform initiative, ensuring its success and impact. The financial contributions will cover various aspects such as technological infrastructure, content creation, marketing campaigns, operational costs, and ongoing maintenance. Donors, we call “Founders,” receive .5 Native Tokens (SAVE Coin) for every dollar donated, which can be saved, invested into new projects, traded for other coins and tokens, or converted to fiat later.

Workers of the Harvest: This initiative seeks to onboard volunteers, brand ambassadors, paid skilled professionals, and Christian sales and marketing people aligned with this mission. These "Workers of the Harvest" are crucial in developing, stewarding, and operating this initiative before and after its launch. They provide their talent, expertise, time, and dedication to various tasks, from content creation and development to technical support and community engagement.

Brand Ambassadors and Advocates: The KINGDOM Empowered KINGDOM CrowdFounding Platform Initiative seeks to recruit at least 500 brand ambassadors willing to commit 100 PNR hours (Personal Natural Resources) to KINGDOM Empowered’s "UTOO Community Builder." This time and talent investment will be stored by this initiative as needed. Brand ambassadors serve as advocates and promoters of the brand, helping to spread awareness and build a healthy, thriving, self-sustaining audience.

Professional Skills: Skilled professionals are essential for the success of each initiative. The KINGDOM Empowered KINGDOM CrowdFounding Platform Initiative requires professionals in full-stack development, DAO software development, database engineering, smart contract development, website design, content writing, digital marketing, video editing, graphic design, sales, marketing, and more. Their expertise is vital for creating our high-quality content, user-friendly platforms, and effective marketing strategies.

SAVE Coin Incentives: The KINGDOM CrowdFounding Platform initiative aims to reward volunteers and donors with SAVE Coins, the empowerment currency of KINGDOM Empowered. Each professional hour (PNR) pledged and deployed by volunteers will generate one SAVE Coin as a loyalty reward. Similarly, one-half of a SAVE Coin (.5) will be given as a loyalty reward for every dollar donated. This incentive system encourages active participation and engagement.