The KINGDOM Empowered SAVE Coin Project Initiative

Embrace a revolutionary economic paradigm with the SAVE Coin Project. At its core, SAVE Coin leverages blockchain technology and Radical Generosity principles to redefine global economics. It envisions a world where individual empowerment and community well-being converge through decentralized opportunities. By intertwining digital currencies with humanitarian objectives, SAVE Coin eradicates poverty, transforms philanthropy, and redefines success while advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Empowerment Through Contribution! SAVE Coin offers a platform where your skills and time translate into rewards and equity. Contribute to eradicating poverty, addiction, and homelessness while uplifting lives globally.

DESCRIPTION: The SAVE Coin Project is a groundbreaking initiative to redefine global Christ-centric economics. Rooted in blockchain technology and the principles of Radical Generosity, SAVE Coin envisions a world where individual empowerment and community well-being converge. SAVE Coin introduces a decentralized ecosystem where participants can access innovative financial and personal growth opportunities through their contributions and engagement.

This transformative endeavor redefines value by intertwining digital currencies with impactful humanitarian objectives, offering a tangible path to eradicate extreme poverty, uplift underprivileged communities, and foster global solidarity. SAVE Coin's novel approach reimagines economic models. Moreover, the SAVE Coin advances the Gospel of Jesus Christ, catalyzing a movement that redefines success and paves the way for a more compassionate and generous world.

The Three Core Value Propositions of the SAVE Coin Project are:

Empowering Individuals: SAVE Coin provides a platform for individuals to contribute their skills and time, earning rewards, tokens, and equity in return. This empowers people to improve their lives while participating in global efforts to eradicate poverty, addiction, and homelessness.

Revolutionizing Philanthropy: SAVE Coin transforms charitable giving by making it direct, transparent, and impactful. It enables donors to support causes they care about while having real-time visibility into the impact of their contributions.

Global Economic Transformation: Through decentralized technology and a focus on Radical Generosity, SAVE Coin redefines economic models, creating self-sustaining ecosystems that generate jobs, support communities, and foster a sense of shared KINGDOM purpose.

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The KINGDOM SAVE Coin Initiative's needs include financial support, human resources through volunteers and skilled professionals, passionate brand ambassadors, and an innovative incentive system to foster a strong community and drive success across all twelve initiatives. This collective effort aims to create a substantial impact by establishing Christian-centered ventures and spreading the message of faith and transformation globally.

To achieve our ambitious goal, the KINGDOM Super Wallet CrowdFounding Initiative requires specific resources and contributions:

Funding: The primary need of this initiative is financial support. This KINGDOM Empowered Initiative has set a minimum fundraising goal of $25,000. These funds will be directed toward launching and sustaining the KINGDOM Super Wallet initiative, ensuring its success and impact. The financial contributions will cover various aspects such as technological infrastructure, content creation, marketing campaigns, operational costs, and ongoing maintenance. Donors, we call “Founders,” receive .5 Native Tokens (SAVE Coin) for every dollar donated, which can be saved, invested into new projects, traded for other coins and tokens, or converted to fiat later.

Workers of the Harvest: This initiative seeks to onboard volunteers, brand ambassadors, paid skilled professionals, and Christian sales and marketing people aligned with this mission. These "Workers of the Harvest" are crucial in developing, stewarding, and operating this initiative before and after its launch. They provide their talent, expertise, time, and dedication to various tasks, from content creation and development to technical support and community engagement.

Brand Ambassadors and Advocates: The KINGDOM Empowered KINGDOM Super Wallet Initiative seeks to recruit at least 500 brand ambassadors willing to commit 100 PNR hours (Personal Natural Resources) to KINGDOM Empowered’s "BANK of GOODNESS." This time and talent investment will be stored by this initiative as needed. Brand ambassadors serve as advocates and promoters of the brand, helping to spread awareness and build a healthy, thriving, self-sustaining audience.

Professional Skills: Skilled professionals are essential for the success of each initiative. The KINGDOM Empowered KINGDOM Super Wallet Initiative requires professionals in full-stack development, DAO software development, database engineering, smart contract development, website design, content writing, digital marketing, video editing, graphic design, sales, marketing, and more. Their expertise is vital for creating our high-quality content, user-friendly platforms, and effective marketing strategies.

SAVE Coin Incentives: The KINGDOM Super Wallet initiative aims to reward volunteers and donors with SAVE Coins, the empowerment currency of KINGDOM Empowered. Each professional hour (PNR) pledged and deployed by volunteers will generate one SAVE Coin as a loyalty reward. Similarly, one-half of a SAVE Coin (.5) will be given as a loyalty reward for every dollar donated. This incentive system encourages active participation and engagement.