Take the 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge!

KINGDOM Empowered's 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge is an innovative initiative transforming how the Christian world gives, donates, and shares their time, talents, skills, and resources.

This challenge is designed to encourage and empower Christians to engage in RADICAL GENEROSITY, a level of generosity that goes beyond the ordinary, aiming to make an internal impact on people, communities, and the world.

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OUR MISSION: To revolutionize the Christian world's approach to giving, unleashing a torrent of transformative generosity that amplifies the Father's love, empowers change, and shines the light of His Glory to the ends of the Earth.

OUR VISION: To ignite a global movement where every Christian person, business, ministry, and cause becomes a BEACON of selfless giving, collectively sharing the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally, reaching 1 billion families by 2033.

OUR PURPOSE: Is to catalyze a radical shift in how Christians give, donate, and advocate for advancing the Kingdom of God. Through the RADICAL GENEROSITY Movement, we bring the Father's boundless love and generosity from Heaven and spread it to every corner of the Earth.

What is the Challenge?

The 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge calls on Christians to pledge 100 HOURS of their time, talents, and skills to the BANK of GOODNESS. We call this “banked” time, talent, and skills "Personal Natural Resources" or PNR. PNR represents all types of Christ-centric acts of love, kindness, selflessness, support, and goodwill (acts of GOODNESS).

Challenge participants are asked to pledge 100 hours of their time to be donated and deployed later when needed or requested. All “pledged time, talents, and skills” are stored within the KINGDOM Empowered blockchain ecosystem (BANK of GOODNESS) as PNR. These hours of "goodness" can include acts of service, volunteering, support for various Christian causes, promotion of community goodwill, and more.JOIN TODAY!

In addition to the time pledge, participants are encouraged to donate financially to the various KINGDOM Empowered initiatives and causes, such as the SAVE Coin Project. For each hour of "goodness" pledged, participants will receive 1 SAVE Coin, the native token of KINGDOM Empowered's blockchain project. Furthermore, participants who donate funds to the SAVE Coin Project will receive SAVE Coins based on their contributions, 1 SAVE Coin for every 1 US Dollar donated.

Who Should Take the Challenge?

The challenge is open to all Christians who want to make a meaningful impact in their communities and the world through RADICAL GENEROSITY. Whether individuals, businesses, ministries, missions, causes, or ideas, anyone who wants to contribute to positive change and advance the Kingdom of God is encouraged to participate.

Who Will Benefit and Why?

KINGDOM Empowered's RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge welcomes a diverse spectrum of Christian people and businesses, including but not limited to:

People/Believers: Any Christian who seeks to embody Christ's teachings of selflessness and generosity, willing to pledge their time, talents, skills, resources, and finances to uplift the world through acts of love.

Christian Entrepreneurs: Business owners who aim to integrate Kingdom values into their enterprises, using their ventures as platforms for positive impact and contributing a portion of their profits to fund RADICAL GENEROSITY projects.

Christian Leaders: Pastors, ministers, and religious leaders who want to inspire their congregations to embrace a lifestyle of generosity, encouraging them to participate in the challenge and spread the message of RADICAL GENEROSITY.

Christian Nonprofits: Organizations dedicated to humanitarian and social causes, eager to enhance their reach and effectiveness by collaborating with KINGDOM Empowered's campaign, receiving donations to empower their missions.

Join the RADICAL GENEROSITY MovementChristian Creatives: Artists, writers, musicians, and creators who want to leverage their creative talents to promote RADICAL GENEROSITY, using their platforms to raise awareness and inspire action.

Christian Educators: Teachers, mentors, and educators passionate about instilling the values of compassion, kindness, and generosity in their students, integrating the challenge into their curriculum.

Christian Professionals: Individuals in various industries who see their careers as opportunities to make a positive difference, using their expertise and influence to support the campaign and contribute to Kingdom-building initiatives.

Christian Startups: Emerging businesses with a heart to weave charitable endeavors into their core operations, recognizing the potential to drive meaningful change while establishing a solid foundation for their enterprise.

Christian Investors & Donors: Individuals and firms dedicated to backing projects that align with their faith-based values, recognizing the transformative potential of RADICAL GENEROSITY initiatives, and providing financial support.

Christian Influencers: Social media influencers and thought leaders eager to amplify RADICAL GENEROSITY's message, leveraging their online presence to motivate their followers to join the challenge.

Christian Families: Families seeking to practice RADICAL GENEROSITY as a unit, teaching their children the importance of compassion and charitable giving, and participating in community projects together.

Christian Innovators: Individuals who see the intersection of technology and faith as an opportunity to redefine giving paradigms, contributing innovative ideas to enhance the campaign's impact.

Christian Professionals: Individuals in various industries who see their careers as opportunities to make a positive difference, using their expertise and influence to support the campaign and contribute to Kingdom-building initiatives.

Christian Social Enterprises: Businesses specifically established to address societal challenges, aligning their goals with RADICAL GENEROSITY principles to amplify their impact.

In essence, KINGDOM Empowered's RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge invites Christians from all walks of life, regardless of their roles or professions, who are motivated by a deep desire to make a lasting impact through selfless giving and embodying Christ's message of love and transformation.

Join the 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge!

How Do Participants Benefit Others?

Engaging in RADICAL GENEROSITY will enhance participants' faith and spiritual journey as they actively contribute to positive change EVERYWHERE. Participants receive SAVE Coins for every hour pledged, a digital asset with potential future value. Furthermore, participants become part of a network of like-minded Christians and Christ-centered organizations committed to positive change and more:

Amplified Kingdom Impact: As thousands of Christians commit to pledging their time, talents, skills, resources, and finances to the Challenge, the cumulative effect will result in a substantial positive impact on both local, regional, national, and global communities, fostering transformative change on a significant scale.

Empowerment of Christian Entrepreneurs: Christian business owners will experience a dual benefit, as the Challenge promotes their businesses while channeling a portion of their profits into RADICAL GENEROSITY projects, enhancing their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Enhanced Ministry Outreach: Christian ministries will experience a heightened ability to extend their outreach efforts, as the increased resources from the campaign will empower them to reach marginalized and underserved populations, spreading the Gospel and providing essential services.

Financial Support for Missions: Missions that aim to bring hope and transformation to distant lands will receive substantial financial backing from the Challenge, enabling them to operate more effectively, build infrastructure, and bring about lasting change in communities around the globe.

Expansion of Charitable Initiatives: Christian causes addressing critical societal issues such as poverty, hunger, education, and healthcare will witness their initiatives growing and thriving, addressing pressing needs and fostering positive change.Join the RADICAL GENEROSITY Movement

Transformational Learning: The KINGDOM Empowered Mobile App's content will earn participants SAVE Coins and foster a culture of continuous learning, transformation, and spiritual development.

Enriched Family Values: Families participating in the challenge will cultivate a culture of generosity, teaching their children the importance of giving and creating lasting memories through collective acts of kindness.

Recognition of Generosity: Participants' generosity will be publicly acknowledged by the KINGDOM Empowered DAO and within their communities, inspiring others to follow their example and contribute to positive change.

Hearts and Lives Transformed: Ultimately, the profound impact of the campaign will extend far beyond the tangible benefits, as countless hearts and lives are transformed through experiencing and witnessing the love and compassion inherent in RADICAL GENEROSITY.

In essence, the participation of Christians worldwide in KINGDOM Empowered's 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge Campaign will foster a culture of selflessness, create lasting change in communities, and illuminate the transformative power of faith-driven generosity.

Why Is the Challenge Important?

Through the 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge, millions of Christians globally will experience a remarkable transformation in both their individual lives and their collective impact on the world:

Personal Empowerment: Christians who wholeheartedly embrace the challenge will be empowered to make a tangible difference in their life and the lives of so many others.

Financial Empowerment: As Christians pledge their resources and contribute financially, their efforts will support Kingdom-building initiatives and empower them to engage in personal financial stewardship, managing resources more responsibly and intentionally.

Ministry Expansion: Christian ministries will experience unprecedented expansion, translating into an increased ability to serve marginalized and underserved communities. These ministries will witness firsthand the incredible impact of community transformation through the collective LOVE of committed Christians.

Mission Abundance: Christian missions, often challenged by financial constraints, will receive substantial backing from the campaign. This abundance of resources will enable them to spread the Gospel, build infrastructure, and initiate projects that bring lasting change to communities globally.

Business with Purpose: Christian businesses participating in the Challenge will experience increased exposure and a heightened sense of purpose. Their involvement will showcase their commitment to social responsibility, fostering trust and loyalty among their customer base.Share this challenge with the world!

Collective Joy and Unity: As millions of Christians unite under the banner of RADICAL GENEROSITY, a powerful sense of collective joy and unity will emerge. This shared purpose will inspire ongoing engagement and strengthen the global Christian community.

Positive Community Impact: The tangible outcomes of the Challenge will be evident in local communities and beyond. From alleviating poverty to addressing healthcare needs, participating Christians will witness firsthand the positive ripple effect of their selfless actions.

Lasting Legacy: The legacy created through the campaign will extend far beyond its 30-day duration. The resources accumulated and the projects initiated will continue to bear fruit, impacting lives and communities for years.

Total Transformation: Christians who wholeheartedly embrace the challenge will experience a profound transformation within themselves. Through acts of RADICAL GENEROSITY, they will witness their hearts becoming more compassionate, their lives more purpose-driven, and their faith deepening.

Model for Generations: Families participating in the challenge will impart invaluable lessons to the next generation, cultivating a legacy of generosity and compassion that will influence family values for years.

A Witness to the World: The collective efforts of millions of Christians participating fully in the campaign will serve as a powerful witness to the world. Non-believers will be moved by the extraordinary impact of Christian generosity, drawing them closer to the message of Christ.

Transformation at Scale: When multiplied by millions, individual acts of generosity will translate into transformative change on a global scale. The cumulative effect of this radical generosity will reshape communities and lives worldwide.

In essence, by embracing KINGDOM Empowered's 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge with their whole hearts, millions of Christians will experience personal growth, financial stewardship, community transformation, and a profound sense of unity. Through their collective efforts, they will reshape the narrative of Christian giving and become beacons of hope and transformation in a needy world.