Introducing KINGDOM Empowered's CrowdFounding Initiatives

Transforming the Landscape of GENEROSITY for Christian Ventures

KINGDOM Empowered is pioneering a revolutionary approach to fundraising and support through our CrowdFounding Initiatives. Unlike traditional crowdfunding, where supporters contribute and then typically move on, CrowdFounding with KINGDOM Empowered establishes a more profound connection – a spiritual and practical partnership between Heaven and Earth.

"We are ambassadors for Christ, reconciled to God. He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him." 2 Corinthians 5:20-21

We seek donors and invite angels to the world's first Christian CrowdFounding Platform. These angels, embodying the essence of RADICAL GENEROSITY, not only contribute to new Christian businesses, ministries, and causes but remain steadfast companions on the journey. Your initial contribution of time, energy, talent, skills, or fiat is the beginning of our united pursuit.

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CrowdFounding is a Covenant

Through this partnership, you actively participate in the venture you support. You're not just a donor but an integral part of the venture's growth and success. With CrowdFounding, your commitment goes beyond the transaction – you stay engaged, support ongoing needs, offer aid, and even contribute your expertise. Together, we're co-creating a Kingdom impact that lasts eternally.

“KINGDOM Empowered's CrowdFounding Initiatives are a series of transformative projects to unite believers through faith-driven digital platforms. These initiatives harness the power of technology to spread Christ's teachings, foster generosity, build community, and ignite positive change.” Preston Allen, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder

Join us in the RADICAL GENEROSITY Movement and embrace the 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge. By engaging with KINGDOM Empowered's CrowdFounding Initiatives, you're not just funding a project but sowing into the Kingdom of Heaven, advancing its principles throughout the Earth.

Welcome to a new era of support – where your investment transcends finance and becomes an instrument of transformation. Let's make a lasting impact on the world, empowered by God's Grace and our shared dedication to His Kingdom.

KINGDOM Empowered exists to serve the poor, the hungry, the thirsty, and the oppressed. We exist to serve widows, orphans, the sick, addicted, and those in poverty and homelessness." Craig Rogers, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder

Jesus Still Multiplies the Loaves and Fishes

At the heart of KINGDOM Empowered’s Projects and Initiatives is a profound commitment to advancing the KINGDOM of GOD. We are called to be vessels of blessings, reaching far beyond ourselves. Just as the story of the five loaves and two fishes vividly illustrates, every hour pledged, and every dollar raised through KINGDOM Empowered is like a seed planted in fertile soil. These funds are meticulously nurtured, carefully multiplied, and then sown as rays of hope into the lives of the needy and the marginalized, locally and globally.

Unified by One Spirit in One Body to Make a Difference

Our initiatives are meticulously designed to meet needs and ignite transformation at the local level worldwide. With each dollar that finds its way into our causes, we are inspired by the boundless God’s Grace to make an impact akin to the miracle that once fed thousands. Just as Jesus blessed the humble offerings of loaves and fishes, we believe that our efforts, combined with the spirit of Christ, will multiply and expand everything we do.

As beneficiaries of our unity, countless Christian non-profit ministries will be empowered to extend their hands further, brighter, and more comprehensive, making a tangible difference in the lives of the poor and the oppressed EVERYWHERE.

Through KINGDOM Empowered, we are bound by a shared vision of RADICAL GENEROSITY, compassion, and service, reminding us to love one another as Christ loves us. Every cent given is an investment in the projects themselves and the lives they touch. As we stand on the threshold of transformation, let us remember that we are not just donors but nurturers of miracles through God’s grace, carrying forward the legacy of the loaves and fishes, multiplying our efforts for a world in need.

We are pioneering a revolutionary approach to fundraising: CrowdFounding

KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding Initiatives


DESCRIPTION: The RADICAL GENEROSITY Movement is an electrifying call to action to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the KINGDOM of Heaven throughout the Earth. With an unyielding commitment to eradicating extreme poverty and kindling enduring change, the RADICAL GENEROSITY movement ignites the collective potential of Christians driven by a call to give, share, and uplift others in radical ways. Fuelled by a dynamic fusion of innovative technology, compassionate hearts, and the driving force of faith, the Movement seeks to reshape the narrative of abundance, propelling us all toward a world where radical generosity and endless love are the cornerstones of existence and where lives are profoundly touched, souls are illuminated, and communities are empowered to flourish. GIVE

1 BILLION GRACE HOMES Globally by 2033

DESCRIPTION: The KINGDOM Empowered Grace Homes Initiative is a visionary endeavor aiming to establish 1 BILLION GRACE HOMES globally by 2033. Grace Homes symbolize the dwelling places of God's grace and are rooted in the idea that believers are vessels of His absolute goodness. The initiative highlights that believers become instruments of healing, restoration, and transformation through grace. Grace Homes are seen as real homes where believers receive God's unearned favor, mercy, and love, embodying His original design for humanity. The initiative draws inspiration from scripture, particularly emphasizing passages that underscore God's boundless mercy and His ability to provide abundantly through grace. This grace is not just a concept but a lived experience characterized by an unwavering faith in God's promises. Learn more...

KINGDOM Empowered DAO Project

DESCRIPTION: The KINGDOM Empowered DAO Project represents a groundbreaking fusion of Christ-centered vision and cutting-edge blockchain technology. This initiative seeks to empower global followers of Jesus Christ through a decentralized ecosystem guided by the Holy Spirit, fueling innovative projects that spread the Gospel. Rooted in generosity, transparency, and shared purpose, this DAO transcends conventional ministry boundaries, uniting a spirit-filled crowd to amplify the RADICAL GENEROSITY Movement's impact. By harnessing blockchain's power, it dismantles centralized control, fosters inclusivity and collaboration, and heralds an era where BELIEVERS shape their destinies together in a purpose-driven future. Learn more...

KINGDOM Empowered Super Wallet

DESCRIPTION: The KINGDOM Empowered Super Wallet Project is a visionary force reshaping the landscape of personal data management. It introduces a highly secure and monetizable Healthcare and Educational Record Vault known as KINGDOM Super Wallet, functioning as an advanced Electronic Health/Medical/Education/Financial Record Storage Vault. By harnessing the potential of blockchain technology and Web 3.0, this revolutionary endeavor seeks to secure, organize, and monetize personal data globally while creating 100 million jobs. Embracing the principles of blockchain and Web 3.0, KINGDOM Super Wallet envisions a profitable global data network by replacing outdated health record storage methods. A strong emphasis on personal data ownership allows Christians the autonomy to share or monetize their data. GIVE

The SAVE Coin Project

DESCRIPTION: The SAVE Coin Project is a groundbreaking initiative to redefine global Christ-centric economics. Rooted in blockchain technology and the principles of Radical Generosity, SAVE Coin envisions a world where individual empowerment and community well-being converge. SAVE Coin introduces a decentralized ecosystem where participants can access innovative financial and personal growth opportunities through their contributions and engagement. This transformative endeavor redefines value by intertwining digital currencies with impactful humanitarian objectives, offering a tangible path to eradicate extreme poverty, uplift underprivileged communities, and foster global solidarity. SAVE Coin's novel approach reimagines economic models. Moreover, the SAVE Coin advances the Gospel of Jesus Christ, catalyzing a movement that redefines success and paves the way for a more compassionate and generous world. Learn more...


DESCRIPTION: The BANK of GOODNESS is a transformative initiative that harnesses the power of decentralized technology to create a digital bank repository of human goodwill and contribution. It empowers individuals to pledge and store their Personal Natural Resources (PNR) hours, fostering a Radical Generosity and impact culture. By accumulating PNR hours, participants actively engage in a global movement to eradicate poverty, catalyze economic growth, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This innovative concept redefines how we perceive and measure value and drives meaningful change by connecting BELIEVERS, their contributions, and their aspirations to bring Heaven to Earth. Learn more...

UTOO: The BANK of GOODNESS Community Builder

DESCRIPTION: The UTOO Community Builder initiative is a transformative force in decentralized community-building. Powered by the visionary partnership between UTOO and the BANK of GOODNESS, this endeavor aims to revolutionize how communities are formed, grown, and governed. A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model empowers individuals to be active builders and leaders of communities centered around Christian causes, missions, or ideas. The UTOO Community Builder project is built on the "Help Economy" principles, where radical generosity drives growth. Utilizing cutting-edge decentralized web technology, UTOO and the BANK of GOODNESS provide the tools for individuals to create, engage, and lead communities, unlocking opportunities for personal and collective growth. This initiative embodies a collective sense of belonging, offering mentorship, support, and motivation while fostering meaningful interactions. Learn more...

KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding Platform Initiative

DESCRIPTION: KINGDOM Empowered CrowdFounding Platform offers a Christ-centered transformative environment that thrives on Radical Generosity and decentralized Empowerment. It is a space where individuals and organizations unite to create positive change, amplifying their collective impact and spreading the Gospel's message of love and compassion. The CrowdFounding Platform embodies fundamental Christian values that drive its global mission to revolutionize community-driven initiatives and KINGDOM Empowerment. Rooted in Christ-centered principles, this platform places values of Radical Generosity, Unity, Empowerment, and Innovation at its core. It aims to create a space where Christian people and organizations can come together to catalyze impactful projects that align with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Learn more...

KINGDOM Empowered Mobile Apps Initiative

DESCRIPTION: The KINGDOM Empowered Mobile Apps Initiative embodies a transformative digital realm where faith, empowerment, and community converge. Crafted to present the teachings of Jesus Christ digitally, these apps are powerful tools that enable believers to connect, engage, and contribute to a KINGDOM-minded ecosystem. Rooted in Christ-centered values, the apps foster a spirit of giving and generosity, uniting users in their quest to support projects that spread the Gospel and uplift communities. Through intuitive interfaces and cutting-edge technology, the apps empower users to participate in CrowdFounding initiatives easily, offer their resources, talents, and time, and witness the exponential impact of collective efforts. Learn more...

KINGDOM Empowered TV & Media Initiative

DESCRIPTION: KINGDOM Empowered TV & Media stands as a transformative platform with a resolute mission to facilitate profound spiritual and personal growth by broadcasting the message of God's grace and love to people worldwide. The vision is rooted in fostering a digital transformation that empowers people to embrace and embody the teachings of Christ, promoting a life anchored in faith, love, and purpose. At its core, KINGDOM Empowered TV & Media aims to catalyze a global awakening, allowing everyone to recognize their true identity in Christ and embark on a journey of lasting transformation. With unwavering commitment, KINGDOM Empowered TV & Media aims to amplify the reach of God's word, offering customized solutions to enhance businesses' digital impact through expert marketing consulting services. The initiative aligns to help Christians and Christian organizations thrive in a competitive landscape while maintaining a strong sense of purpose and faith-based values. Aspiring to launch and fund 10,000 Christian businesses, missions, and ventures by 2033, the project aims to utilize its transformative content and resources to ignite positive change in diverse communities. Learn more...

KINGDOM Empowered Non-Profit Beneficiaries Initiative

The beneficiaries of the KINGDOM Empowered Non-Profits are diverse and include individuals, families, communities, and organizations in need. These non-profits aim to uplift, empower, and support various segments of society through their missions and initiatives. KINGDOM Empowered Non-Profits reach out to individuals and families facing poverty, trauma, homelessness, and emotional distress. Through programs like HeartFire Healing Centers, these non-profits offer counseling, healing, and resources to help people overcome their struggles and find hope and restoration. The Reach Higher Kings initiative and other youth-focused programs target at-risk youth and teenagers. These non-profits provide mentorship, life skills, education, and sports programs that guide young individuals toward a positive path, instilling values and building character. Initiatives like Jay's Legacy Foundation focus on orphans, such as those under Kitoogo Fahad's care at Heaven's Door Children's Foundation Orphanage in Uganda. These non-profits provide shelter, education, and care, offering a stable and nurturing environment for children who have faced hardships. KINGDOM Empowered Non-Profits align closely with Christian values and work to support various Christian ministries. By partnering with organizations like Reach Higher Kings, these non-profits help spread Christian principles through community engagement, mentorship, and faith-based programs. Learn more...