1 BILLION GRACE HOMES Globally by 2033

DESCRIPTION: The KINGDOM Empowered Grace Homes Initiative is a visionary endeavor aiming to establish 1 BILLION GRACE HOMES globally by 2033. Grace Homes symbolize the dwelling places of God's grace and are rooted in the idea that believers are vessels of His absolute goodness. The initiative highlights that believers become instruments of healing, restoration, and transformation through grace.

Grace Homes are seen as real homes where believers receive God's unearned favor, mercy, and love, embodying His original design for humanity. The initiative draws inspiration from scripture, particularly emphasizing passages that underscore God's boundless mercy and His ability to provide abundantly through grace. This grace is not just a concept but a lived experience characterized by an unwavering faith in God's promises.

The initiative envisions believers as part of a "Grace Awakening," a period of spiritual revival where believers experience a deeper connection with God's grace. This awakening is grounded in biblical references that highlight believers' capacity to do greater works through Christ and reveal His blueprint for a restored Kingdom.

A key principle of the initiative is believers freely receiving God's grace and extending it to others. This giving is likened to the sheep in the parable of the sheep and the goats, reflecting Christ's teaching on selfless love and compassion. The Grace Community, central to the initiative, consists of battle-tested believers who have triumphed over challenges through God's grace. These believers serve as Grace Coaches, guiding others through similar challenges by sharing their experiences and the transformative power of grace.

Central to the Grace Homes Initiative is the understanding that Jesus is the ultimate answer to life's challenges. This belief is grounded in scriptures emphasizing finding rest in Christ and relying on His grace in times of need. The initiative encourages believers to live forgiven lives, embracing God's forgiveness and extending it to others. This concept fosters unity and love within the community, reflecting Christ's teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation.

Ultimately, the initiative envisions a world where grace is freely given and received, leading to profound healing, restoration, and a global impact. By establishing 1 billion Grace Homes by 2033, the initiative seeks to spread God's goodness, love, and transformative grace to individuals, families, and communities worldwide.

The three core value propositions of the 1 BILLION GRACE HOMES Globally by 2033 initiative are as follows:

Transformational Grace Empowerment: This initiative offers believers a transformative experience of grace that empowers them to overcome challenges, find healing, and live in the fullness of God's love. It emphasizes the concept that believers are vessels of God's grace, designed to embody His absolute goodness. Through this empowerment, believers can navigate life's difficulties confidently, transforming their lives and those of others around them.

Community of Support and Restoration: The initiative fosters a strong sense of community among believers, creating a network of Grace Homes where individuals can find support, restoration, and connection. These Grace Homes serve as safe spaces where believers can gather, share their journeys, and provide mutual encouragement. The value proposition lies in the idea that together, believers can experience the healing and transformation that God's grace offers, creating a united front against adversity.

Global Impact through Grace Multiplication: The initiative envisions a global movement where 1 billion Grace Homes are established by 2033. This massive network of Grace Homes becomes a catalyst for spreading God's grace, love, and healing to individuals and communities on a global scale. By sharing their experiences and the transformative power of grace, believers multiply the impact of God's goodness, bringing positive change to the lives of countless people worldwide.

Pledge and Donate to the 1 BILLION GRACE HOMES Initiative

The core value propositions of the initiative revolve around empowerment through transformative grace, fostering a supportive community of believers, and creating a global impact by spreading the message of God's goodness and love through the establishment of 1 billion Grace Homes.

NEEDS & GOALS: The 1 BILLION GRACE HOMES Initiative's needs include financial support, human resources through volunteers and skilled professionals, passionate brand ambassadors, and an innovative incentive system to foster a strong community and drive success across all twelve initiatives. This collective effort aims to create a substantial impact by establishing Christian-centered ventures and spreading the message of faith and transformation globally.

To achieve our ambitious goal, the 1 BILLION GRACE HOMES CrowdFounding Initiative requires specific resources and contributions:

Funding: The primary need of this initiative is financial support. This KINGDOM Empowered Initiative has set a minimum fundraising goal of $25,000. These funds will be directed toward launching and sustaining the 1 BILLION GRACE HOMES initiative, ensuring its success and impact. The financial contributions will cover various aspects such as technological infrastructure, content creation, marketing campaigns, operational costs, and ongoing maintenance. Donors, we call “Founders,” receive .5 Native Tokens (SAVE Coin) for every dollar donated, which can be saved, invested into new projects, traded for other coins and tokens, or converted to fiat later.

Workers of the Harvest: This initiative seeks to onboard volunteers, brand ambassadors, paid skilled professionals, and Christian sales and marketing people aligned with this mission. These "Workers of the Harvest" are crucial in developing, stewarding, and operating this initiative before and after its launch. They provide their talent, expertise, time, and dedication to various tasks, from content creation and development to technical support and community engagement.

Brand Ambassadors and Advocates: The KINGDOM Empowered 1 BILLION GRACE HOMES seeks to recruit at least 500 brand ambassadors willing to commit 100 PNR hours (Personal Natural Resources) to KINGDOM Empowered’s "BANK of GOODNESS." This time and talent investment will be stored by this initiative as needed. Brand ambassadors serve as advocates and promoters of the brand, helping to spread awareness and build a healthy, thriving, self-sustaining audience.

Professional Skills: Skilled professionals are essential for the success of each initiative. The KINGDOM Empowered 1 BILLION GRACE HOMES Initiative requires professionals in full-stack development, DAO software development, database engineering, smart contract development, website design, content writing, digital marketing, video editing, graphic design, sales, marketing, and more. Their expertise is vital for creating our high-quality content, user-friendly platforms, and effective marketing strategies.

SAVE Coin Incentives: The 1 BILLION GRACE HOMES initiative aims to reward volunteers and donors with SAVE Coins, the empowerment currency of KINGDOM Empowered. Each professional hour (PNR) pledged and deployed by volunteers will generate one SAVE Coin as a loyalty reward. Similarly, one-half of a SAVE Coin (.5) will be given as a loyalty reward for every dollar donated. This incentive system encourages active participation and engagement.