The KINGDOM Empowered Non-Profit Beneficiaries Initiatives

The KINGDOM Empowered Non-Profit Beneficiaries Initiative is a beacon of transformation, uniting Christians, families, and needy communities.

Empower lives through the KINGDOM Empowered Non-Profit Beneficiaries. Our non-profits are a river of hope, lifting individuals, families, and communities in need. From healing centers to youth-focused programs and orphan support, we're committed to making a lasting impact. Learn more about Heaven's Door Children Foundation.

Donors, your contributions catalyze change, restoring lives and spreading Christian values. Ambassadors, pledge your Personal Natural Resources (PNR) hours to amplify our efforts, fueling transformation and hope for those who need it most. Join us in this journey of empowerment and compassion. Learn more about Jay's Legacy Foundation.

Rooted in Christian principles, our diverse non-profits uplift through healing centers, youth programs, and orphan support.

Here are the three core value propositions that set us apart:

Empowerment Through Compassion: Our non-profits reach beyond charity, aiming to empower lives through Christ-centered healing, mentorship, and support. We instill hope and resilience in those facing adversity by addressing emotional distress, providing life skills to at-risk youth, and nurturing orphans.

Christian Values in Action: Aligned with Christian teachings, our non-profits promote Christian principles through community engagement, mentorship, and faith-based programs. By partnering with organizations like Reach Higher Kings, we spread love, compassion, and guidance, touching lives with genuine care.

Collective Impact: Donors and ambassadors are integral in this journey of transformation. Donors play a crucial role by contributing to impactful causes that restore dignity and provide growth opportunities. Ambassadors pledge their Personal Natural Resources (PNR) hours, magnifying our efforts and actively participating in the change they want to see. Together, we amplify our impact, improving lives and communities.

In the KINGDOM Empowered Non-Profit Beneficiaries Initiative, everyone wins. The beneficiaries find hope, healing, and empowerment in times of need. Donors experience the fulfillment of driving positive change and supporting initiatives that align with their values. Ambassadors become active change-makers, leveraging their time and skills for impactful transformation.

This initiative embodies the spirit of unity, compassion, and collective purpose, creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond the individuals directly involved.

Learn more about our KINGDOM Empowered Non-Profit Beneficiaries Initiatives


The KINGDOM Non-Profit Beneficiaries Initiative's needs include financial support, human resources through volunteers and skilled professionals, passionate brand ambassadors, and an innovative incentive system to foster a strong community and drive success across all twelve initiatives. This collective effort aims to create a substantial impact by establishing Christian-centered ventures and spreading the message of faith and transformation globally.

To achieve our ambitious goal, the KINGDOM Non-Profit Beneficiaries CrowdFounding Initiative requires specific resources and contributions:

Funding: The primary need of this initiative is financial support. This KINGDOM Empowered Initiative has set a minimum fundraising goal of $25,000. These funds will be directed toward launching and sustaining the KINGDOM Non-Profit Beneficiaries initiative, ensuring its success and impact. The financial contributions will cover various aspects such as technological infrastructure, content creation, marketing campaigns, operational costs, and ongoing maintenance. Donors, we call “Founders,” receive .5 Native Tokens (SAVE Coin) for every dollar donated, which can be saved, invested into new projects, traded for other coins and tokens, or converted to fiat later.

Workers of the Harvest: This initiative seeks to onboard volunteers, brand ambassadors, paid skilled professionals, and Christian sales and marketing people aligned with this mission. These "Workers of the Harvest" are crucial in developing, stewarding, and operating this initiative before and after its launch. They provide their talent, expertise, time, and dedication to various tasks, from content creation and development to technical support and community engagement.

Brand Ambassadors and Advocates: The KINGDOM Empowered KINGDOM Non-Profit Beneficiaries Initiative seeks to recruit at least 500 brand ambassadors willing to commit 100 PNR hours (Personal Natural Resources) to KINGDOM Empowered’s "UTOO Community Builder." This time and talent investment will be stored by this initiative as needed. Brand ambassadors serve as advocates and promoters of the brand, helping to spread awareness and build a healthy, thriving, self-sustaining audience.

Professional Skills: Skilled professionals are essential for the success of each initiative. The KINGDOM Empowered KINGDOM Non-Profit Beneficiaries Initiative requires professionals in full-stack development, DAO software development, database engineering, smart contract development, website design, content writing, digital marketing, video editing, graphic design, sales, marketing, and more. Their expertise is vital for creating our high-quality content, user-friendly platforms, and effective marketing strategies.

SAVE Coin Incentives: The KINGDOM Non-Profit Beneficiaries initiative aims to reward volunteers and donors with SAVE Coins, the empowerment currency of KINGDOM Empowered. Each professional hour (PNR) pledged and deployed by volunteers will generate one SAVE Coin as a loyalty reward. Similarly, one-half of a SAVE Coin (.5) will be given as a loyalty reward for every dollar donated. This incentive system encourages active participation and engagement.