The KINGDOM Empowered Pitch Deck

Following God's Original Design…

Building God's Kingdom Nation

KINGDOM Empowered is a one-of-a-kind GOSPEL-based Web 3.0 Project designed to empower and transform people, culture, economy, marketplace, and community.

KINGDOM Empowered intends to empower Jesus' followers, Christian families, Christ-centric organizations, and EVERY Christ-centered community worldwide by promoting the RADICAL GENEROSITY Movement.

Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we AIM to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION to TRANSFORM the hearts and minds of His people and DISCIPLE THE NATIONS.

We are humble FOLLOWERS of Jesus Christ empowered to Co-build God's Kingdom on Earth and to Bring Glory to HIS NAME!

About KINGDOM Empowered

WHO KINGDOM Empowered?

KINGDOM Empowered is a…

Community Builder Platform: Like FACEBOOK, but built on KINGDOM principles and values.
Super Affiliate Store: Like AMAZON, profits go to serving the poor and advancing the KINGDOM.
Business Directory: Like LINKEDIN, built by Kingdom-minded people and businesses.
Search Engine: Like GOOGLE, but designed to promote TRUTH and glorify God.
Mobile App: Like the BibleProject App and Bible.com, but enhanced with TOKENOMICS.

KINGDOM Empowered is underpinned by the Holy Bible, Decentralized BLOCKCHAIN Technology, driven by its own Exchangeable Tokenized CRYPTOCURRENCY, and fully member-owned and governed as the world’s first Christ-centered Kingdom DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Welcome to MasterNet


To Lead the Way….

KINGDOM Empowered exists to lead God’s people, families, businesses, and communities to serve like Christ through RADICAL GENEROSITY.

“But among you it will be different. Those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank, and the leader should be like a servant." Luke 22:26


For Expansion…

We EXIST to glorify God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and REIGN and RULE on the Earth through the Holy Spirit, spreading the KINGDOM of God throughout the WHOLE Earth.

“We propose to return to God’s original design and begin to STEWARD His KINGDOM Government, serving KINGDOM Communities founded on KINGDOM Principles and operating on the KINGDOM Economy with like-minded followers of Jesus Christ.” Craig Rogers, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder


We’ve created a Christian Decentralized Digital Online Community dedicated to advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom on the Heaven on Earth.

Genesis 1:26–28




CURRENT Existing Components of KINGDOM Empowered:

  1. KINGDOM Empowered DAO: Incubator, Advancing the GOSPEL throughout the Earth
  2. KINGDOM Masternet: Deploy Mobile App “Each one, reach one, teach one.”
  3. KINGDOM Marketing: Leverages blockchain for RADICAL GENEROSITY.
  4. KINGDOM Super Wallet: The future of personal data management revolutionizes data storage.
  5. KINGDOM Defi: Empower PNR with decentralized finance tools.
  6. KINGDOM Empowered Media & TV: EVERYONE ON EARTH experiences the Father's life-changing grace.
  7. KINGDOM Empowered Apps: Start personal transformation now.
  8. KINGDOM UTOO Community Builder: Blockchain-based Community Builder.
  9. KINGDOM BANK of GOODNESS: The RADICAL GENEROSITY Movement Revolutionizes Giving.
  10. KINGDOM SAVE Coin: Empowerment through RADICAL GENEROSITY.
  11. KINGDOM CrowdFounding: Pioneering revolutionary fundraising and support platform called CrowdFounding.
  12. KINGDOM Non-Profits: Making a difference in the lives of children and families.


The KINGDOM Empowered DAO: The first decentralized beacon of Christ-centered empowerment and unity, embodying Christ-centered principles to shape a purpose-driven future for Christian communities of every kind.

KINGDOM Empowered Masternet

MasterNet: Millions of web pages. A web of purpose-driven connections catalyzing growth and impact across diverse Christ-centric verticals.

KINGDOM Marketing

KINGDOM Empowered Marketing: Unleashing God's transformative power through innovative technology and radical generosity and illuminating Christ-centered Web 3.0 initiatives with strategic brilliance.

“We are Visionaries uniting to establish a Christ-centered digital realm of empowerment and generosity.“ Logan Mazzettia, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder


KINGDOM Empowered DeFi: Revolutionizing KINGDOM finance through blockchain, empowering BELIEVERS with Christ-centered tokenomics, feeding 5,000 with five loaves and two fishes.

“ We are called to empower lives and transform the world through Christ-centric innovation and radical generosity. We are cobuilding the Father's global ecosystem where faith-driven people, families, and organizations flourish in a thriving KINGDOM culture to catalyze a movement that redefines success, disciples nations, and establishes God's sovereignty on Earth.“
Craig Rogers, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder

KINGDOM UTOO Community Builder

KINGDOM UTOO Community Builder: UTOO is a decentralized, people-powered community builder. It allows people to build a massive community behind a great idea, startup, mission, or cause. Every KINGDOM Community is managed by its members through community-run governance technology.

“KINGDOM UTOO Community allows members to tokenize every action on the platform, jumpstarting endless wealth-creation opportunities for anyone and everyone.” Juanito Abelo, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder


KINGDOM Empowered's DAO is built on the BANK of GOODNESS. This protocol implements a new global economic system for bottom-up empowerment. Members determine its rules and write into the blockchain via smart contracts, ensuring autonomy, efficiency, and transparency.

“Using blockchain technology, BoG tokenizes people’s time, talents, skills, services, and funding sources, creating a novel path for supporting worthy Christian causes and startups. Christian Angel Donors can now DONATE and actively participate in the movement they help fund.” Logan Mazzettia, KINGDOM Empowered Co-Founder


KINGDOM Empowered is recruiting 3,000 FOLLOWERS to pledge 100 hours of their Personal Natural Resources (PNR) to the RADICAL GENEROSITY movement. That’s 300,000 PNR Hours Pledged to the BofG.

“People can earn SAVE Coins while Spreading God's love through actions of GOODNESS AND DONATIONS, thus inspiring everyone to join a worldwide transformative journey.” Preston Allen, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder

Onboard 3,000 Ambassadors & Raise $300,000 in 90-Days

KINGDOM Empowered is recruiting 12 KINGDOM Ambassadors to assist in launching and managing KINGDOM Empowered DAO.

We will recruit and onboard 3,000 Ambassadors (300,000 PNR Hours) in the next 90 days.

The goal will be to connect with Angel Donors and raise the final $300,000 through CrowdFounding while recruiting and training the first 12 Project Ambassadors to STEWARD the KINGDOM Empowered DAO.

“Join us on the Father’s journey to cobuild God's Kingdom on Earth.” Juanito Abelo, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder

Training and Equipping the First 12 KINGDOM Ambassadors

The first 12 KINGDOM Ambassadors will be trained and equipped to gather 3,000 KINGDOM Empowered Ambassadors, fostering the first Christ-centered community dedicated to RADICAL GENEROSITY. We seek talented professionals to pledge their time and help us make a difference.

Cobuilding with Angel Donors through CrowdFounding

“KINGDOM Empowered is not just an ecosystem; it's a movement to transform lives, empower communities, and advance the LOVE of GOD through RADICAL GENEROSITY.”
Preston Allen, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder

We're recruiting Angel Donors through our first-ever Christian CrowdFounding Platform. We aim to raise $300,000 in the next 90 days to help us launch the first “12 of 10,000” KINGDOM Empowered RADICAL GENEROSITY Initiatives.

“Through a continual flow of Angel Donors, we will empower millions of communities worldwide. Our one big audacious goal is to eradicate poverty and amplify God's love for the world to marvel.” Craig Rogers, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder


For more information, please visit https://www.masternet.org

To contact us, please send an email to:

Craig Rogers at [email protected]

Or, Text Craig at 435-899-9997