God’s Family and The New Humanity: We are New Creations IN CHRIST!

The Kingdom of God is the first community of all communities. The Trinity is the first community of God. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the first community and THE ETERNAL FAMILY. We, all of humanity, are called by God through the Cross of Jesus Christ to join God’s forever Family as His children and be a part of His community, one with TRINITY forever.

The Bible declares Jesus, through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, comes and dwells within us, making us one with the Father. I BELIEVE that Jesus dwells within me. I cannot be separated from the love of Christ because we are IN CHRIST, and by His doing. Consequently, we NOW live in and from the Father’s heart of love. Remember, God did this for us, on our behalf, WHILE WE WERE ENEMIES of God.

The New Humanity - A World of SELF-GIVING LOVE

Jesus is the firstborn among many Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Jesus represents the New Humanity. Jesus is the first of the NEW HUMAN. The Bible reveals Jesus as SELF-GIVING Love. Jesus, because of His love for us, chose to leave His first community, and through SELF-GIVING Love, He emptied Himself of His Divine nature, leaving the Trinity He came to earth to SAVE and REDEEM mankind, the New Humanity. 

Jesus took upon Himself ALL the world's sins to give us His perfect life. Because of that, followers of Jesus are translated into the KINGDOM of His Love, being Born Again from above, we are TRANSFORMED by SELF-GIVING LOVE into the image of God, who is Self-giving love.

God’s Community, His Family, starts with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has established Jesus as TRUTH, Jesus as KING of Kings, Jesus as the LORD of Lords, forever. Do we want to join God’s Community, the Trinity, and be a part of His forever Family as a free gift of His Grace?

There’s No Lack and No Scarcity in God’s Family

There is no lack or scarcity in God’s Community. In God’s Community is the fullness of LIFE, ETERNAL LIFE, which is life forever in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, a free gift of His Grace.

God the Father created man in His image and likeness; as such, we are new members of His eternal family, the NEW HUMANITY. JESUS DID THAT. Jesus' obedience to His Father brought peace between Heaven and Earth, and Jesus gave us His Peace in exchange for our failures. Jesus, in His SELF-GIVING love, redeemed mankind and preserved us IN HIM as His forever Family, His forever children. Now we have the ABUNDANT LIFE IN CHRIST.

Before creating man, God created the Hosts of Heaven, His Divine Council, and all kinds of creatures of Heaven. But the Hosts of Heaven, His Divine Council, are not made in the Father’s image, and they are not His forever children; we are. The created beings of Heaven are God’s Kingdom servants, and man is a son or daughter of God. Man is made in God’s image and likeness. Man is God’s new creation, His NEW HUMANITY, His forever family. Followers of Christ now have peace with God and all of Heaven. 

God’s only plan is Jesus. Jesus is the Father’s only plan. The Father trusted the Son, and the Son trusted His Father. The Son chose to TRUST and OBEY His Father’s Heart, taking up the cross and trusting the Father to resurrect Him. Therefore, through Jesus, we, believers and followers of Christ, are given the MIND OF CHRIST. Think about that for a moment, and let it sink in. We have been given the MIND OF CHRIST.

We Have Two Choices: “The New Humanity” or “Our OWN Way”?

“Believers,” followers of Christ, are BORN AGAIN, not of man but of God. Followers of Jesus are Born Again as NEW CREATIONS, literally. Those who are disciples of Jesus Christ are new creatures and a totally new species, separate from “man,” as Neanderthals were separate from humans. 

As Born Again believers and followers of Jesus, we were God’s lost children, but we’ve been redeemed and restored, made righteous and above reproach by the shed Blood and self-giving love of Jesus Christ.

Humans have been invited to follow Jesus in the “New Humanity.” In Jesus, humans have been given new life from the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as a gift of Salvation. All men and women now have a REAL choice. We either receive God’s Salvation as a gift of mercy and grace or reject Grace, go on our own, and attempt to make it apart from God. 

Followers of Christ Have the Mind of Christ

Followers and Believers of Christ have been given the MIND of CHRIST, TRUTH through Grace; as such, we have Freedom in the New Creation, the new Heavenly Family. 

Before Jesus came to deliver man, EVERYONE was dead; we were the lost children, all of us. But Jesus, as the Son of Man, redeemed MAN, and those who receive this truth and live by this truth have been given NEW LIFE, Born Again from above as a New Creature (new human species), representing the New Humanity/

Without knowledge of Christ, without the mind of Christ, ALL people perish for a lack of knowledge. Jesus is the TRUTH established by Grace, and we are invited to KNOW HIM, and He promises to KNOW US. Without TRUTH, without KNOWLEDGE, man has nothing… no hope and no future life. 

When man fell, He fell from Grace, and we lost God’s ABUNDANCE. “Man” had it made in the Garden before the fall, as Grace sustained them, and they had NO NEED and NO LACK, NONE!

However, when man fell, we all lost the image of God and took on the image of this world: selfishness. In the fallen state, “man” lacks everything and fears scarcity, so he self-protects. The fallen man is all about self-preservation and self-protection. Man lost TRUTH in the fall; therefore, he lost REALITY and gained deception and darkness instead. 

On the other hand, followers of Christ have been given the MIND of CHRIST, thus restoring TRUTH and REALITY IN MAN. Upon being Born Again, the Trinity comes to live within us, THE BELIEVER, and the presence of God, TRUTH, is always with us, and in us, and He promises that He will never leave us.

Trophies of God’s GRACE and GOODNESS!

Jesus is the KING of His FATHER’s KINGDOM. Jesus and His Father with the Holy Spirit are the KINGDOM, and as a gift of God, our Father, we have all received entrance into HIS KINGDOM by FAITH working through LOVE. 

Jesus is FAITH, and He has given us HIS LIFE of FAITH, Joy, Peace, and Love.

God’s Goodness is His Agape self-giving love. His love makes us RIGHTEOUS. Our righteousness is not in what we do; it is who we are and who God has made us to be. Blessed are all those who are IN THE KINGDOM with the KING. The KINGDOM of GOD is His, He created everything in His KINGDOM, including us, the New Humanity. 

People who follow the Father are believers, and believers are trophies of God’s Grace and His absolute goodness. We, HIS FAMILY, are the goodness of God embodied. We are God’s GOODNESS on display. We are made in the GOODNESS of GOD to display HIS GOODNESS absolutely.

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Craig Rogers is a visionary leader and serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the behavioral health industry. His...